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Submit Blogger Sitemap to Bing and yahoo without any error

Sitemap structure Getting traffic to your site starts with being listed in the search results shown on Bing. Bing Webmaster tool can help you with this stride.The first step to getting your site online and to get better rankings in bing and yahoo  is to submit your sitemap to search engine. Eventually the search engines will find your site but this will help expedite the process. Once you submit your sitemap, it could take several days for the search engines to index your page(s). Results may vary so don’t write this in stone. Factors such as other websites pointing to your site can affect this time as well.  After Submitting your website URL To bing. You can get Sketchy  information  on how many sites were connecting  you and could also make a Calculation of the total number of internal links within your website or blog. But since now Yahoo has joined hands with Bing search engine by Microsoft, our job turn out to be even more easy, because submitting your blog at Bing will set it alive at two search engines, together  Bing and yahoo. Heretofore MSN did not Essential sitemap and you only needed to submit your link to them by pinging them but with the replacement of MSN search engine by latest BING, Microsoft is now Agreeably following Google’s ways.

Please Note:
Please take our tutorials with full confidence. We share stuff only after through reading and exploration.  We will update you with most accurate Tricks and tips of blogger always. So follow the methods with  confident when it comes from My blogger tricks.

Submit your blog  or website url to bing and yahoo

1. Sign in To Bing Webmaster Tools (Using Hotmail or live account)
2. Once you logged in you will see a number of on your bing webmaster tool dashboard.
3. Click on add your site button.
4. you will see option like screenshot below.

bing webmaster tools options

5. Fill up the form with correct info.
6. In a sitemap tab add below sitemap link. before adding change blog name with your blog.

7. Once you complete form information click on save and you are on verification page.

8. Now you will be asked to verify if you are the true owner of the website or blog you submitted. You will be provided three standard methods. Choose the second option which is “Copy and paste a tag in your default webpage

9. You will be given a HTML code. copy it and paste the code just below <head> inside your blogger template.

For Do this you need follow the Steps.

Go to your blogger dashboard>>template>>edit html and near the top you will found <head> tag just below it paste verification meta tag.

10. Go back on bing webmaster tool and click on “verify” button. If you place the verification code correctly then your sitemap will be successfully added to the list.

10. Initially the status will be Pending. After Bing has fetched and processed the sitemap, Bing Webmaster tool will update the status and the other details such as how many URLs we discovered while highlighting any issues encountered.  If you see an exclamation mark in front of a status you can see additional information about an error or issue we encountered by hovering over the icon.
Note: processing submitted sitemaps takes time and can take from a few hours up to a few days. Normally it should take at most 3 days for Bing and Yahoo to start showing data for your newly submitted site but it can even take 5 days.Normally it should take at most 3 days for BING and YAHOO to start showing data for your newly submitted site but it can even take 5 days. So be patient and expect your blog links appearing in BING and YAHOO search engines within 3-5 days. You will then be able to track organic traffic to your blogs via your webmaster account which is almost similar to Google Webmaster tools account.

Ping Yahoo and Bing

If you have an automated system that generates your sitemap, you may find it easier to inform Bing about your sitemap by sending a HTTP request. Using your favorite method to send the request, use the following one URL. Don’t ping search engines too frequently for it can be taken as overloading the servers which can even get you penalized from search listings. Do it only when you feel that your links are not appearing at Yahoo and Bing page.

Follow the Steps

1. From the links below, replace with your blogspot links or custom domain links. (Example: )

2. Paste the following links in your browser address bar one at a time and hit enter. You will see a message “Thank You for submitting your sitemap.”

For Posts between 1-500
For Posts between 501-1000
For Posts between 1001-1500

Simply paste your latest post URL inside Bing and Yahoo and see if your blog is appearing in the search results. If it did then say Chilly but if it did not then there are may be two reasons:

1. You need to wait for at most 5 days after first submission of your Blog.

2. You blog has no sufficient posts. Your blog must contain at least 15 posts.

Troubleshooting if Your Links Doesn’t showing

If notwithstanding waiting for 5 days, your links are still not showing up at Yahoo and Bing then do this:

PING them again and wait for a day. If things did not work then try this.

1.Remove your Site from BING webmaster tools and resubmit it.

2. PING them just after blog submission.

Note:- Although the URLs contained inside your XML Sitemap, RSS, or Atom feed naturally can change to reflect either the latest snapshot of your site or the last published pages or posts, the URL of the submitted Sitemap or feed should stay the same over time. You should not use date stamps or other incremental post-fixes inside the name of the XML Sitemap or feed that cause the URL to change each time you generate them.
That’s it! Once you complete the above steps, just sit back and be patient. It takes time for the search engines to index your pages. Using an automated submission program to submit to multiple search engines at once may be considered spam attempts and is frowned upon by search engines such as Google.Keep up to date with new features and opportunities by subscribing to our blog via email Notification, adding our Google+ page to your circles or like us our page on facebook. Thanks for reading our posts.

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