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How to Land a Job with Social Media


#1 Build relationships

Take the time to respond to comments on your blog and get to know who is following you on Twitter and Facebook. Building relationships with these people could lead to your next job.

Build relationships

#2 Join in, follow along.

Join groups and follow blogs related to your area of expertise. Many job openings are only shared through word of mouth, and the people in these groups can tell you about them.

Join in, follow along

#3 Be search engine friendly.

Use keywords in your profiles, website, and blog that will make it easy for recruiters to find you.

Be search engine friendly.

#4 Study your industry.

Use social media to study the industry you want to work in, and decide which companies you would like to target with your resume.

Study your industry

#5 Follow companies you’re interested in working for.

Following the companies you want to work for shows that you are interested in the company, and sometimes it gives you the opportunity to see when new job openings are posted.

Follow companies

#6 Dropping names

Social media makes it easy to find names of people in the companies that you would like to work for, and contact those people directly rather than sending a resume without a specific intended target.

Dropping names

#7 Go above and beyond.

The effort that you put forth creating your website, blog, and social media efforts shows initiative, creativity, and ambition. These are all things that employers like to see.

Go above and beyond

#8 Show your skills.

Use social media to show your job skills in action. Use an online portfolio showcasing your skills, and share it whenever you add something new.

Show your skills

#9 Keep your profiles up to date.

Keeping your profiles current is just as important as keeping your resume current. You wouldn’t go job hunting with an outdated resume, so you shouldn’t expect to land a job with an outdated profile.

 Keep your profiles up to date

#10 A picture is worth 1000 words…

Make sure that your profile picture is professional. If you choose to share pictures of you out with your friends, etc., keep them set to private, and beware that, even if they are set to private, sometimes potential employers still end up seeing them.

A picture is worth 1000 words

#11 Use your real name.

Using your full, real name allows potential employers find you quickly and easily. If they can find you, they are more likely to hire you.

Use your real name

#12 Use a socially friendly resume

Socially friendly resumes can be shared on all of your social networks and housed on your blog or site.

Use a socially friendly resume

#13 Be transparent.

Make it easy for potential employers to find your social profiles. Make it clear that you have nothing to hide.

Be transparent

#14 Be professional.

Don’t fill your status updates with whining and complaints about your work because this doesn’t look good to potential employers. Also keep the inappropriate humor out of your newsfeed.

Be professional

#15 Use your profile.

Make sure your profile is complete, and filled with useful information such as past job experience and fields of interest.

 Use your profile.

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