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Add JQuery smooth scrolling back to top


Performs a smooth page scroll to an anchor on the same page using JQuery, it is very cool way to attract your readers and maker your web site navigation easy.Today in this tutorial we will share a awesome JQuery smooth scrolling back to top button, It appears on the right side bottom only when the user scrolls down the page and disappears as he scrolls up. A back to top button is crucial for a...

Design Your Own Creative CSS3 & HTML5 Search Form


A neat way to spice up your blog and search form is to make your search form with HTML5 and CSS3. One of the first improvements HTML5 brings to web forms is the ability to set the placeholder text. Placeholder text is displayed when the input field is either empty or not in focus. Adding the required attribute to any input/text area element will tell the browser that a value is required before...

Creative: pure Css3 Download Button


Today in this tutorial we learn about how to design and customize awesome download buttons in minutes. Button states saved as images and toggled by CSS are so out of date and also it’s painful for every website developer. we’ll cover prettying it up using CSS, including some CSS3!. We all know why: they’re easily editable, cross-platform, lightweight, accessible. Below you can see samples...

Google Webmaster Tools adds New Feature Block Resources Debug Fetch & Render


A free tool is better than no tool. Google announced (27 May) on the webmaster central blog that the Fetch as Google feature of Webmaster Tools will now show how GoogleBot would render the page. As expected, Google going to help webmaster determine what JavaScript, CSS, and other resources they are blocking from GoogleBot’s crawl. As a new feature in the Fetch as Google tool in Webmaster...

How to put Social Locker for Blogger Blogspot


This article will be focusing maybe you or other bloggers that really wants / likes Social Marketing. But increasing your Facebook Page likes , Twitter shares, and Google Plus shares. You will need lots of hard work and of course money to advertise. But to make your goal more possible, We have made an Advance Social Locker for Blogger or Blogspot Blogs. Yes this social locker comes from wordpress...

Code 2 ads running along the side for blogspot


Where you place the ad in your site design can increase or decrease how much you charge.How Much Should You Charge For Advertising On Your Blog?The Code 2 ads running along the side for blogspot is help you grow in come. Step by step set up Code 2 ads running along the side for blogspot   1 – Login to Blog   2 – In the layout (Layout)   3 – Select the Add gadgets...

Featured Content Slider for Blogger


To day i have add Featured Content Slider on my blog for content slider on home page.I think bloggers wants to add Featured content Slider for their blog.Featured Content Slider helps you to show automatic sliding of your featured content on your home page. This is the great trick to show your most important content as Featured content on your home page. Featured Content Slider also helps to...

Auto Like Facebook


Last times I was shared the Facebook PopUp Like Box with Timer and Cookies and a little tip about Facebook Recommendations Bar Now,today I’m going to show you how can we add Auto Like Facebook when clicking on web:DWhen Guest click on the web is not unlike the 2nd click for sure.This increasing 100% success, no hack, cheat.I call it is Blogger tricks. The Like button will be configured to...

The horror stories of the AdSense Policy team


Your account gets terminated without any warning. Google takes over your accumulated revenue. All of your email appeals go unanswered.The cases are endless, and the victims are many. This time, though, we caught the “Don’t be Evil” guys with their own hand in the cookie jar.We’ve all heard the horror stories of the AdSense Policy team. Check out this screenshot, taken on...

How To Add Infinite Scrolling Effect In Blogger


Infinite Scrolling Effect  After installing this on your blog, when you will land on the homepage, first you will see the minimum posts on homepage which you’ve set. As you scroll down, automatically more posts will load with loading effect. This will help the readers to get even more content instantly and your readers will be served better. It is built with pure JavaScript and JQuery...

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