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Display post author icons below titles


In this post,i will show you how to add default Author Name,Post Date,Labels and Comments with some little icons to the left of each other.You can see under each of my post title,some details like author name,time when posts have been published,labels and the comment count links.When there are no comments posted the link says.Be the First to comment!and when there is just one comment it says 1...

How To Remove Blogger Navbar


WHAT IS BLOGGER NAVBAR?Blogger has got a default Navigation Bar. This navigation bar is hidden in most of the third party templates.When you are blogging, Navbar can be very useful thing, but sometimes, it can get in way… The advantages of Navbar are:– when you click on the B icon, it will take you to– a quick link to your Dashboard and “Sign in /Sign...

Add Beautiful Drop Down Navigation Menu To blogger Blog


In this post I am going to share with a beautiful grey dropdown menu created with CSS & JavaScript. I am also using this menu on our blog.  Drop down menus provide easy and neat navigation by organizing and featuring important category links of your blog. With increased use of categories and tags, organizing links in a simple menu is difficult therefore the menu that we share today...

Add Awesome Floating Sharing Bar toBlogger Blog


Share your blog in popular social networking/bookmarking sites is very important to get good traffic and I think this is the easiest way for increase our blog/website traffic. This is indeed the most beautiful Social Network floating share widget featuring the top Social Network sites (Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook ). In this tutorial we’ll create Floating Sharing button for your blog...

How to invite author and add author box in blogger blog


In this post I am gonna show you how to manually add author box below post. The technique of having Multiple authors to manage a Blog is getting popular these days. Though this feature was already available in wordpress , recently Blogger too has enabled this feature. So now Blogger Users can have upto 100 multiple Authors or co-Authors for their blogs. in order to better serve them it is...

Add Awesome Google style search to blogger blog


Google is the best search Engine in the world. Google update there home page in June 2011, New Google homepage with smaller logo and links moved to the top and bottom edges of the browser for a cleaner look, I think this look much better than older look. I’m sure you will have noticed the new Google design as covered in the post Evolving the Google design and experience on the official...

Add Flashing effect in your Blogger Hyperlinks


in this post I going to show you how to add flashing background in your blog links. in some links are very important than others on your blog page. with this script, they will be noticed more as well. Use it to give any link(s) on your page a flashing trait, with independently controlled options for each link. The script allows you to flash a link in two ways- flashing the link text itself, or...

Add Awesome Share this tool to your blogger blog


  In this Series I am gonna show you how to add Share This floating sharing, sharethis buttons with counter, Share This Ornaments style sharing and Share This Navbar with Sharing Buttons. read full series and make your blog like Professionals. You might have noticed the ‘Share This’ button that appears below each of my posts. In today’s tutorial we’ll create this...

How To Create Blogger Static Page Neat & Clean


In This post I am going to explain you how to hide sidebar, footer and header on static page. I am working for this tip last 8 days and  I finally took the time to generalize this tips. Anyone can use the solution in this page, and you’ll get what you want  I’m not going to repeat what this tutorial does. Or maybe I will. You get to hide your sidebars and use that space to...

How To Add Custom Fonts In Blogger


In this post I am going to explain you how to add custom font style to blogger blog. Adding Custom Fonts to Blogger can improve the look and feel of your blog. In your templates you can use any font you want, but these would be properly displayed only if the viewer has those fonts installed on his/her System. Font embedding Techniques allows you to use any font on your Blog and these fonts will...

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