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Use New AdSense Asynchronous Ad Code For Improving Your page Loading Speed


Google recently introduced an asynchronous version of their AdSense ad JavaScript code. The asynchronous ad code is a fully asynchronous version of the AdSense ad code that offers improved web inactivity and a better user experience for your blog readers. The advantage of  they load in parallel and do not block other parts of your web page from loading. This means that users will be able to...

Add Awesome Floating Sharing Bar on Blogger And WordPress Blog


Today here’s a tutorial on how to add a floating social media bar to a blogger blog. In this widget we have included  Facebook ,like button, Google Plus, Tweet, likedin and also have a StumbleUpon, buttons in the bar and each of them comes with a counter. I have not using any scripts and this widget works purely on CSS and HTML and is fully compatible with all browsers. You can see this...

How To Change Blogger Default Language and Time Zone


It’s important to choose the right time zone  and language for your blog, so that your posts appear with the correct dates, times and language. Also, if your time zone is incorrect, Blogger may think some posts are dated in the future, in which case they wouldn’t be published. Everyone has their own preferences for what they would be using and what they would not. By default...

From No Traffic To Daily Blog Traffic In 7 Simple Steps


Generating heavy blog traffic is one of the most common marketing woes experienced in the industry. A blog is an exceptionally powerful tool for promoting a brand, selling products and services, and leading consumers to a website where they can be guided through a conversion funnel. If your blog is simply not seeing a great deal of traffic, though, there is no point in continually creating...

Simple And Awesome Vertical Navigation Menu For Blogger


Today i  have designed a Vertical Nav menu using Dream weaver. You can fully customize this menu and can add colors and fonts of your preference too. The new thing about this menu is that it also contains a  animated effect. So now you organize your pages even more beautifully. I have made the installation even more easier. This menu is not only for blogger. You can add this menu on...

Awesome Fancy Social Media Icons Set Free Download


I often spend hours in the day for Designing website Social icons for our honorable Readers.  Today We’ve created a list of  22 Awesome Social Bookmark Icons Sets that you can use for your blog. Social networking sites and services and each of which has their own logo or icon to identify or promote themselves. Mean while, a lot of designers have also redesigned such social media icons...

Another Simple and Cool Icons Set Free Download


Social networking icons play an important role on your website. They have to be visible, accessible, and fit seamlessly with your design and be inviting for your visitors. Outdated and mismatched icons can send the wrong message about you. Below you’ll find a few icons to get you started. Click to download them, or use them for inspiration to make your own custom icons. Included are icons for Rss...

Metro Style Follower Website Icon Set


We have designed a fantastic Metro Style set of social media icons you can use on your website or blog to display your Social Profiles and Feeds.The icons have a 3D high quality design using the logo for the social sites and feeds along with the names across the icons. One of the things I wanted to do with these icons was have the name of the service on each. While everyone is familiar with the...

Why And How To Make Your Blog/Website Load Faster


Now this is one big concern for every Website Owner, We all obviously want our websites to load quickly because we know that makes them look better to the Users and Visitors. But in reality a quick loading website has tons of other big time benefits and a Webmaster should definitely work upon optimizing his her website in a way that it loads quickly. In this post, you will learn how to make your...

How To Delete or Clear Facebook Search History


When you do Facebook search and you see your partner ex profile or the other way,  even you see your old friend profile when you delete him and they both are not in your life right now. You must see the date you had share with them. when you share something on his/her wall like a song, dirty pic and some snaps may be you had together. The Social Network Facebook stores every single term you...

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