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Blogger Tricks HTML Parser or EnCoder Tool was created so Google Adsense can be added into the body of Blogger Templates. However, if anything you add Blogger Template gives an error, more likely than not putting it through the EnCoder would solve the problem.

While writing tutorials or asking a question, sometimes it becomes very necessary to post html and javascript codes in your blog comment forms powered by Blogger. You have seen many authors posting HTML effectively but when some of you try to do it, you get an error. This is because Blogger Comment form doesn’t support direct posting of HTML and JavaScript. In order to help you to do that we will need to change/encode the same code into a text and then post it effectively without any error. Our Tools/App will help you to change HTML characters to simple text, which could be easily inserted in your blogger template and comment form. You can also use it to convert your adsense code into an embeddable form.

We had been lucky to utilize this free service for blogger platform and create some amazing Desktop Tool with the help of our developer Abdul Jabbar. The HTML EnCoder has been Created by Abdul Jabbar. We say thanks to Abdul Jabbar For Precious Service and Efforts.

Update:- October 22, 
1. Improve Design and layout
2. Help menu added
3. also remove spaces bug.


Developers and niche bloggers are most welcome to share this  Tool/App with their readers and friends. Please attribute the credits back to Blogger Tricks blog as the only favor in return. It takes 6 Days of efforts to Making this tools. This Tool/App comes under a Creative Commons Licence This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Tool/Apps Preview

We just hope this Application adds new fuel to your blogger powered blogs. We tried best to keep it working as efficient as possible. Let me know if you needed any help. We have some more interesting Apps coming Soon. Stay tuned! Subscribe our blog for stay updated.. Thanks for Reading our post…

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