How To Hide Links Inside The Comment Body


I used CSS for hiding link from the comment body.Already Blogger detecting spam comment because of large number of anonymous comment, currently it’s happening in my blog. Anyway thanks to Blogger service for deleting spam comment automatically from our blog. Using CSS code, it will hide the links inside the comment body. So may be there is doubt in your mind which types links hide inside the comment body? The link added by  <a href=” “>Link</a> .
Add the following CSS code to your blog by pasting below code before  ]]></b:skin>  

.comment-content a {
    display: none;

Easy!Now You don’t worry about spam link on your blogger.

Very simple but very helpul

Very simple but very helpul right?Maybe you need to know how to replace the ‘Post A Comment’ text that appears above the comment form with an image.Let do it on Next post How to change Blogge Post A Comment Message

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