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Submit Sitemap To Google In earlier posts i posted tips on How to Submit Your Website Sitemap To Google Webmaster tools. Today in this post i am going to show you how submit blogger sitemap to Webmaster tools. Sitemaps basically show Google search bots you recent activity quicker and without the bells and whistles than can cause crawl errors. Submitting sitemap to Google is the best way to increase your traffic. Submitting a sitemap means to send request to search engine for the indexation of your blog’s all posts and pages in search engine. If you have a blog which contains 30/40 posts, pages then you must submit sitemap to search engines in order to increase the traffic of your blog. The first sitemap only contains your 26 most recent posts ! If you have more than 26 posts they are not indexed.You should still add both sitemaps, the more the better. There are two main steps to submit sitemap. First is verifying your blog on Google Webmasters Tools and second is submitting the sitemap. So friends what are you waiting for, let’s start it.

Step 1. Verify Your Blog in webmaster tool

Go To Webmasters Tool and sign in with your Google account. After signing in, you will be on homepage and there you will see all the blogs of you. If you are using blogger then all the blogs will be automatically added to Google webmasters tools because blogger belongs to Google. So, to verify your blog click on ‘Manage Site’ drop down menu in the right side of your webmaster dashboard and go to “Verify This Site”. like screenshot below.
Verify This Site 2. Next click on alternative method like screenshot below.
Alternative Method
3. Click on HTML TAG circle like screen shoot below you will see HTML META TAG For verification your website or blog.
4. Copy the meta tag (for example, <meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”z5mJLjVGtEe5qzCefW1pamxI7H46u19n4XnxEzgl1AU” />) from the Instructions box.
5. In a new browser window or tab, navigate to the Google Site you wish to verify. (You will need to go back to the Webmaster Tools page, so do not close it.)
6. Paste Meta Tag after opening “<head>” Section.
7. Click “Save changes.”
8. Go back to the Webmaster Tools page where you copied the meta tag.
9. Click “Verify.” and you’re done!!!!

Step 2. Submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster tools

Sitemap 1

Go to your blog and look at your blogs address in the browser at the top of the page it will be :
or if you have a custom domain :
in our case
Step 2.
Add the following to the end of your blogs URL :
So now you have :
in our case
and go to the address
Step 3.
The Page text look like this.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search


in our case look like this.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search


Above as i have highlighted in Olive is your site map address – Keep this you will need it later.

Sitemap 2

This is default ‘atom 500’ address :

  • atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

Note:-The above code is for 1 to 500 posts and if you have more than 500 posts published on your blog then just copy the line below and paste it on that text box and add it. if you have not confirmed how many posts you have on your blog. Go and check your blogger dashboard to see how many posts have you written.

  • atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

You have now successfully generated the sitemaps.
1. Now Time to add Sitemaps to google. Go To Webmasters Tool and sign in with your Google account.
You will see list of all blogs that you created at blogger. Like Screenshot below click on your blog address.
Click on Blog Link 2. Next click on Optimization. like screenshot below.
Click on Optimization
3. Next click on Sitemaps and add/text sitemap
Add 4. In the blank form paste your first sitemap and then click “Submit Sitemap”. Repeat this step for remaining sitemaps until you have finished submitting all the sitemaps that you generated.
Now Google will take only three days to crawl and index every single page of your blog.
and after 1-3 days your indexed URLS look like this. Click on image for large view.
View of sitemap You have successfully submitted your sitemap to Google and if you are still unable to submit your sitemap then leave a comment below and let me know that why your sitemap is not submitting. I’ll try my best to help you. Happy Blogging  thanks for reading our post. Keep up to date with new features and opportunities by subscribing to this blog via email Notification, adding our Google+ page to your circles or like us our page on facebook. Thanks for reading our posts.

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