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Google Apps Error

Yesterday When we are setting up domain for our blog. After Completing Registration Process, When I tried to make an admin account from the link that I got from Google apps support email id, I faced a trouble, when I followed Google’s instructions and submitted the request, Google apps Server says” Server Error we are unable to process your request at this time please try later”. we’ve been seeing reports in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, about problems encountered when setting up a new Google Apps account, to administer a newly purchased custom domain. I could not find any solution even after an exsuated search on Google forum. But then I found the solution and decided to share it with my readers. And made this tutorial for our valuable readers. If you are having the same issue, try going steps below. The limited function free Google Apps accounts, which can be only used for domain maintenance, do not work with the Google Apps account setup wizard, which is generally used after using “Buy a domain”. When you see “Server error”, After Resetting your password you need to use the default user name of “bloggeradmin”, to login to Google Apps.

So Let’s Start The Tutorial How Fix It

2. but replace “yourdomain” text in link above with whatever domain you purchased and hit enter.
3. In our case we make link look like this.
5. And then Click on “Can’t access your account?”
6. and you will see webpage look like this.
7. Follow Instructions which is we are showing in Screenshot above and click continue.
8. When you click on continue you will webpage look like this.
Google Apps Password Reset
9. Then Click on “Reset Your Administrator Password”
Enter Capctha 10.  Write Captcha  Word and hit Submit button. When you submit captcha you will be redirect to this webpage.
2013-06-15_150615 Emailed Instructions
11. Check your Blogger Primary Email Address which you are using with your blogger account.
12. In your Gmail inbox you will new Email Look like Screenshot below. Follow the instructions and reset your password.
New Email From Google Apps Support
13. After Resetting your password login with Google Apps Default Username “bloggeradmin” and password which you have make in resetting process. After login you can change your username by following Google Instructions.
Please let me know if you want any help here. I hope this technique would further help for blogger new users.Please let us know of your precious views so that we could improve it further if needed. Peace and blessings buddies. Subscribe to our blog via email or RSS and Like our Facebook page to receive free future updates. Enjoy! Thanks for reading our post.

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