how to track your backlinks by Using Google Analytics


Google-Analytics Few days ago Google Analytics team announced the new feature to track backlinks to your contents pages using its “Social Reports” feature. Knowing what your backlinks are, and where they’re coming from can provide you with useful insights, and can help you filter out the cheap links in favor of quality ones. Yeah, no more automated tools or manual quarries needed to keep track of your backlinks, Google will now do it for you for free, for your thousands of content pages. The Social section at Google Analytics was there since a while which already tracking your website’s activity at various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. and now this really awesome addition lets you know which sites are talking about your content.

You Can Track Backlinks Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics Released one of the best tool you can use to analyze your backlinks. if you want to use this just follow the steps below.

1. Log into your Google Analytics Account, and then click on the website property you want to see backlinks for.

2. Look left sidebar, and there you’ll see a Standard Reports section. Click on the Traffic Sources tab, expand the Social section, and then click on Trackbacks.

Track your backlinks by going social

A trackback is basically a notification for every time a website links to another. It is a record of what page on one website linked to another page on another website. Each trackback in this case will contain the linking URL, and the linked URL. You can also see how many visits were generated as a result of each backlink, so that you can contact that website and arrange for more backlinks to increase your traffic!

Now, you will see a list of all trackbacks to your website within a specific period of time. You can change this period, and show backlinks from a month ago, or a week ago, and so on. This feature is useful when you want to see how many backlinks you ‘scored’ during a particular campaign.

I hope we explain Every thing about backlinks is perfect if you have nay suggestion about link tracking.  let me know by posting a comment below in comment forum. Got any more questions? Please feel free to post any query in the comments section below.

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