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Guest Post – Our host is Maria Smith (Marketing Director) who takes a look at Easiest Ways Of Earning Money. See How To Become a guest author.

There are various cool ways through which you can make money through your website. Most of the people may be already aware of these things but this post will be of great help to those who are new to this field. It’s not a secret that most of webmasters pursue the only goal to get money from the website. There are a lot of different methods described by SEO experts, but I’d like to talk about the most easiest ways.

1) Affiliate program.

The only thing that a webmaster should do is to find lucrative affiliate program and join it. Then to place the affiliate banner on the websites and get percent’s from purchases that were made by users directed from the site. If the affiliate banners suit to the topic of the site, they look naturally, don’t annoy users, and, consequently, contribute to clicks at least. The profitable affiliate programs are within gaming and online shop (eBay, amazon) industries. It’s important to take into account that your target audience should tie with audience of the site which affiliate program you join, in that case, affiliate program will bring you money.

2) Link placement.

In order to get advertisers, the website should have at least PR2, traffic is not considered. Webmasters can submit websites in links market’s system and just wait for orders. By the way, some link brokers specialize in certain niches, and you will not worry about link relevance. If you have a lot of content on the site you can offer links in content, or even guest blogging. Guest blogging will bring frequently updated content also. The point is to place just limited relevant links and posts. Otherwise, the website will be considered as spam directory.

3) Banner ads placement.

The main requirement to be willing for advertising placement is to have traffic. There are a lot of payment options like Pay Per Click or Pay Per Mile. PPC is effective when the traffic is low. Considering the traffic you can set the payment option. The question is where to find advertisers? The first solution is to submit the site on link market system that is specialized in banner ads. The second solution is to find similar resources and to find out who place ads there. The third one is to place offers on forums or social networks (if you have a lot of followers and fans).

4) Locking content.

The main prerequisite is that the content should be willing to pay. In other words, if you have something unique exclusive and valuable, you can provide the full access to the content at the charge. You can place video interview, photos, images, apps and so on. Users are allowed, for example, to try the game or to see the photo, but they should pay to download. This method is simple for realization and needs just your ideas.

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Author Author – My name is Maria Smith. I am Work as a Marketing Director at Link Ads.

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