How To Add Infinite Scrolling Effect In Blogger


Infinite Scrolling Effect 

Infinite Scrolling Effect After installing this on your blog, when you will land on the homepage, first you will see the minimum posts on homepage which you’ve set. As you scroll down, automatically more posts will load with loading effect. This will help the readers to get even more content instantly and your readers will be served better. It is built with pure JavaScript and JQuery. Actually, This JQuery replaces the older and newer page navigation links with the effect and if you’ve installed this effect then those page navigation will not appear on the homepage only. This may not work in your template if you’ve not implemented auto post thumbnail with the read more button script.

Recently, I shared the Facebook PopUp Like Box with Timer and Cookies and a little tip about How To Hide Links Inside The Comment Body and here today I’m going to show you that how can we add an infinite scrolling effect in blogger. This effect makes our blog more professional and cute to look. Basically, This was developed for WordPress themes, but we can also use it in Blogger Templates. This effect appears on only homepage. When someone will land on the homepage, there he will see the minimum posts, as he scrolls down then automatically, more posts load with dashing style. So first let me explain that how it works and how the developers has built this effect.

Disadvantage Of This Plugin

As I told you that this built with pure JQuery and JavaScript so there are many peoples who disable the JavaScript in their browsers just to load pages faster. Those people disable JavaScript in their browser due to lazy operator system or even to get internet surfing speed higher. So if someone comes to your blog with JavaScript disabled in the browser, then he will be unable to see that effect and your blog will not work properly on his system. But mostly people don’t disable JavaScript and now it depends on you that you should implement this in your blog or not.

How To Implement?

Installing this plugin in your blog is really left hand work. It is already built so you don’t need to develop the code. So just follow the below given tips to get it in your blog.
  1. Go To Blogger >> Template >> Backup Your Template
  2. Click Edit HTML >> Find For </head>
  3. Paste The Following Code Above </head>

<script src=”//”></script>

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//”></script>

      4.Hit “Save Template!

All done.Demo is my Blog :).If you’re facing problem in implementing this in your blog then feel free to ask in the comments area.Have nice day.

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