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The AVG internet security 2017 suite contains core components that you would need in a security suite, except parental control. If you can do without parental control, then AVG internet security should just be enough for your security needs. Or at least that’s what I thought. My factual account with AVG is not that rosy. I have used several antivirus software before, most notably Kaspersky and Bitdefender, and there is no better way to analyze AVG than to compare it against these two industry leaders.

User Interface

My first account with AVG Internet Security 2016 was that the interface looked wow! I understand it is a norm for most software companies nowadays to concentrate more on appearance, rather than functionality (pretty disgusting). Antivirus software are no exception and AVG will play around with your psychology every time you see that green circle. Although red circles mean that you are not protected, while green mean you are fully protected, I had to test the latter just to see how good it works.


There is actually very minimal difference between AVG Internet Security 20167 and the standalone virus. I know web security and mail scanning is not available in the normal antivirus, but they don’t work well either. At least not as good as in Bitdefender, but much more like Kaspersky. I tried filtering my mail to eliminate spam and although it did eliminate some, expect a good percentage of your valid mail to be categorized as spam. It is not good for business either –you can’t afford losing your mail this way.

I don’t like the fact that the antivirus doesn’t contain a parental control feature, but it must protect you from malicious URL. I know chrome does that, but you also need an antivirus to monitor those that chrome misses. I tried it with several URLs, and as usual it did block some, but granted access to others. It is as if everything the manufacturers did in this security suite was done half-heartedly with the exception of the user interface.


Of the things I liked about AVG, the most useful is got to be its firewall closely followed by the little impact it has on a PC’s performance. The former will warn you every time a malicious attack occurs and does a good job in fending it off. Windows firewall is capable of doing this, but AVG does it better. Some antivirus programs will consume a lot of your resources when doing minor tasks such as a fast scanning, AVG Internet security 2016 doesn’t. It is fast and lightweight.

How does it compare?

AVG Internet security can protect your files and keep your computer somehow safe. For free, this software is worth using on your computer, but if you were to buy it, forget about the fancy green and red circles that play with your mind and go for an accomplished Internet Security Suite like Bitdefender or Kaspersky.

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