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First of all, what is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization. Every time you go into Google or Yahoo, or whatever search engine you use a list of possible related website come up. If you go into Google and type in the word 'puppy' and search, and you get a list of car websites, you are not going to use Google again. Google searches the websites for related material and attempts to give the most appropriate results.

If you own a website, you ideally want your page up at the type when people search for 'puppy' or whatever it is your page will be a result of. In order to get your page to the top, you need to optimize your page for Google, the search engine. Here the name search engine optimization.

It is not just websites that need to worry about SEO. If you write a blog, or have articles or sales pages using above average SEO techniques will mean that you absolutely get more traffic. You do need to have good content too, but that's a bit obvious to give emphasis to.

Some pointers to get good SEO rankings:

  • Make sure your domain name is registered for more than 1 year
  • Use meta tags, if you are not sure what they are, research them
  • Stick to specific criteria. If your going to write about pets, do not suddenly switch to science fiction
  • Establish yourself as an expert. This will drive more traffic to your website too
  • Be consistent, especially with your blog
  • If you have WordPress, do not have your blog on the 'home page', put it on the second page
  • Make sure your page title contains your keywords

There are many more areas you can focus on. But if you are just getting started off, try focus on these. If you need more help, feel free to drop me an email.


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I'm a Web designer. I'm that guy who loves to sit in front of his computer almost all the time. This is my blog, where I like to do stuff as writing tutorials and share blogger related stuff.

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