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To use Delicious, you must first signup with a Yahoo! account. After signing up for a Yahoo! account, you can sign in at the Delicious login page. To create a new bookmark, click on the Save a new bookmark link on the top right corner. In the URL field, enter the URL of the webpage which you want to submit and click on the Next button.

Social bookmarking has the potential to generate a snowball effect with regards to traffic. Just one good post can lead to a bookmark chain reaction, which can generate you a ton of traffic.

Have your ever wondered how other websites like YouTube, manage to allow you to share an article or video that you have liked with others? Social bookmarking sites like and now enable you to automatically distribute your content to millions of visitors and there before generate traffic to your website very quickly.

Bookmarks have been very useful to the librarians also. It is an easy way for them to provide a list of informative links in the form of patrons to the students. Many of the websites that are not viewable by the users much can be highlighted by bookmarking them. In search engines, the bookmarked websites are ranked on the top. Therefore while looking for a required keyword or a phrase, the internet users easily access to the websites that are bookmarked and find the useful information there.

The general idea between all the truly professional and experienced SEO services companies out there is that in order to get really significant results that offer great value for money for their clients, keyword research services need to be extremely accurate. For this reason you need to make sure that when searching for a source for research services, you only look at companies who know what they are doing, otherwise you are not only risking the money you pay for those services but also the financial future of your website.

There are plenty of keyword research tools out there. Quite a few were designed by Google to help webmasters, SEOs and search advertisers brainstorm, generate and analyze large lists of keywords and key phrases. Let's go through the 4 most effective SEO tools from Google that you can add to your arsenal.

Here are the disadvantages of neglecting keyword research.
1) Failing to properly target keywords. You may only obtain great search engine rankings for your business name. You should not need to optimize for your business name.
2) Targeting low volume keywords. You will get very few visitors with limited room for improvement. You can also get good rankings, however it would not translate into revenue.
3) Focusing on overly competitive keywords. You can struggle to get lots of search engine traffic if you can not exceed the top ranked websites. Select your competition level.
4) Targeting low quality traffic. You may get traffic but have problems with poor conversion rates. This is why you can not manage to ignore keyword research. When you are targeting the incorrect keywords, you're losing money as well as wasting potential.

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