How to Choose an ETF Trend Trading Course


As a former money manager I associated with a lot of other money managers. Some of them were successful, some of them were not and none of them ever tried their systems. They all said I was crazy when I said I was going to teach my system. But knowing what I know about volume and liquidity on the daily charts I knew I would not be hurting myself. No trader worth their salt would ever share their system if it hurt their own fills and performance no matter how "nice" they seem.

You do not need a huge list of exchange traded funds – read on to find out how to become qualified in high probability ETF trading.

With that said I want to share with you five characteristics of successful traders. All the successful money manager I know had these tracks.

1. ETF Options – Successful traders do not "make things happen". If you try to force the market and enter too early because "you know it's going to go up" you will get hurt. The key is to be a follower, not a leader. Follow your system (if it's a proven system like mine) and do not make things happen outside of it. If you have a trigger finger and can not help clicking your mouse, then do it on a demo account. Just do not think when you get lucky a few times that it's OK to make things happen.

2. ETF Trading Strategy – Successful trades are prepared. It's very important that you have a trading plan and that you stick to it. I will show you how to plan each trade quickly and easily each night in only 5-10 minutes after you learn my system.

3. How to trade ETF – Successful traders remain emotionally detached. Once you enter a trade, are you willing to forget about it until your pre-determined exit strategy is met? I admit that it's fun to watch your trading account soar in a matter of days, but watching it too closely can be dangerous. My after market trading plan eliminates 99% of emotion.

4. ETF Trading Systems – Successful traders expect to become rich. Can you picture yourself wealthy? Successful traders can. Do not limit yourself. Prosperity must be on the inside of you before it is on the outside. If you will not self sabotage your trading account when it starts to get too high because of a subconscious hang up that you do not deserve to be rich. I will teach you how to think and overcome any hidden physiological obstacles that are hindering you from success. That is part of my mentoring program.

5. ETF Trend Trading Course – Successful traders all had a mentor. Warren Buffett looked up to and learned from Ben Graham. Jim Rogers learned from George Soros. My personal mentor is still in the business (and no he does not teach his system). Sure Warren Buffet modified his system from Ben Graham and later modified it to make it his own. That is why my system has three sets of trading rules.

One for those who are very conservative.

One for those who want moderate risk.

One for the aggressive students.

This lets you take ownership of your trading. Taking ownership could be listed as number six. Why would you be any different in the respect to needing a mentor?


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