The Advancement of the Security System


Home security is an issue for everyone. Each person, at some time or another, has thought about how to protect their homes and families. This isn’t a new issue either, in fact it goes back as far as you can trace people with a home. It’s territorial, it’s natural, as it ensures your livelihood. People choose a number of different ways to feel safe and secure, but with the effort came the invention of the security system. Why? The invention of the security system allowed people to relax knowing that there was a mechanism in place that had eyes where they didn’t. Whether home, on vacation, or at work, you can use the security system to watch your home and family 24 hours a day. Security systems started out relatively simple, and slowing started to advance. With the increase in technology, it only made sense that security systems advanced as well. Now, you’ll find some of the most advanced, easy to use and convenient systems you ever thought possible.

Some of the first security systems were wired. From the panel, to the electrical box, the phone line, and each individual tag on whatever door, window or motion detector was part of your system, everything had to be wired together. In some houses, this is still used. It hasn’t gone the way of the wind, and it’s still popular for some home owners. Why would they want to use a wired system? An alarm system that is wired is discreet. You can’t see anything around the doors or windows and therefore is more aesthetically appealing. To some home owners they also feel safe assuming the devices can’t be ripped off the doors. One of the problems was the phone line, and the power. If the phone and power go out, what happens to your system? It becomes useless. The next step was a back up battery, so if the power went out, your system was fine. This wasn’t such a huge advancement. So as technology advanced, companies and customers sought to have something better. Wireless systems were produced. No more wiring from the panel to each piece of equipment. Now the panel could communicate with each piece of equipment seamlessly, with no wire connection. Along with wireless systems, came cell back up. That meant that if the phone systems were down, your panel could still call the police or fire department for you through a cellular connection, like your phone. Full proof right? Almost entirely.

Well, cell phones and wireless devices have been around for a while right? So what came next? Automation. It’s the stuff of movies, the future, or the mega rich. Now brought right to the middle class and anyone really, because it’s extremely each and affordable. Thanks to z wave, the panels can now communicate with thermostats and lighting to save you energy, with door locks to add convenience, and anything that you can get with z wave in it (doorbells for example). This not only allows you to control all of these things from the panel, programming them and such, but also to control them from your smart phone or computer. Ah yes, now we have incorporated even the smart phone into your alarm system. Really, it’s a full home automation system, doing anything that you command.


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