Should You Get a Home Security System?


Home security systems come in many varieties, but they are something that everyone, especially families, should have installed. Home security systems are now used for more things than just preventing burglaries and thefts. Home security systems with modern technology can detect fires, break-ins, harmful radon gas and can be programmed for almost any residence or lifestyle.

The basic home security system is an alarm system that is triggered if anyone breaks down a door and trips a motion detector when the system is armed. If triggered, the system broadcasts an incredibly loud siren, hopefully scaring away any would be intruder. This is the most basic set up for a home security system. A step up from this would be to have the system set to place an automated alert call to the local police if the alarm was triggered and not deactivated with the proper code on the keypad within a certain amount of time. The next upgrade would be to have sensors placed at all windows, so if an intruder attempted to enter by breaking the glass, that would also trigger the alarm. The next step would have to have the alarm system tied into the smoke detectors, triggering a loud alarm in the event of smoke or heat past a certain temperature threshold. Some systems can be integrated with a sprinkler system to put out fires.

An upgrade to all alarm systems is monitoring. A monitored system is a home security or fire detection system that is actually monitored 24/7 by people. In the event that an alarm is triggered, these people will call your house, attempt to reach you and determine what the problem is, determine if it is a legitimate emergency or a false alarm, and route emergency responders if appropriate to the situation.

For obvious reasons, home security systems are popular with insurance companies, and many of the major insurance companies offer discounts on homeowner's insurance for those who have monitored burglar and fire alarm systems. In many cases, the discount that the homeowner gets for having the system will help pay for the majority of the monthly charges.

Home security systems are generally affordable, with most companies offer free installations if the customer agreements to a 2 or 3 year contract. Average monthly charges for a monitored burglar and fire alarm system are about $ 30, but can be higher or lower depending on the provider and on the specific features of the system.

Home security systems are a wonderful way to protect your family and to give you peace of mind not only for intruders but for fires as well. The systems are quick and easy to install and can almost always be installed in one day. The technician simply has to install a keypad on the wall and tie the wiring into the phone and electric lines. Then, the motion detectors and glass breakage sensors are installed. Often, just having the security system stickers on the windows are enough of a deterrent to keep most thieves away.


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