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In this post we learn how can you find code in blogger template. Many users have a in mind find this, find this code, but how can I find a code in template which thousands codes. so in this post we learn about this.
So to help I always ask you Press ctrl+f and search this code or below code. so here I going to show how to find code with browser search bar. you have followed the tutorial steps and you have reached the html template page I showing below.

Html Template code
Now you have to find a piece of code in your Blogs Html, showing below.


easy 2 steps for finding </body>.
1. Press CTRL+F From Your keyboard.  like a below screen shoot.

When you click on the CTRL+F Search bar will on the top of your browser. and if you are using Firefox search bar appear in bottom. in chrome like this.
and now write in the search bar </body> and press enter. after press enter you can see window like this.
Find Body Tag
you can also click on arrow buttons for the next or previous code which you can see on search bar right side.
may be in your browser search bar look different but its work is same don’t worry. thanks for reading my post. check my post about how to edit blogger template and how to make a backup your template.
If you have a any question leave your comments below in comment section.

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