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In This Post I Going To Share and Two Color Generator Tools with you. This tool will help your get the six digit Color Code and hexadecimal Value. and after getting the color you can make your blogger post more spicy and Color full.
Read the Methon below Before Use the tools.

Colour Code Generator Tool 1

Method Instructions:

  1. First drag the bar on the hue color selector to the area of your choice color Palate.
  2. Then Click Inside The Brightness-saturation area move the cursor until you have found the your desired Color. The swatch bar which you can top right on the color tool show you the final Color Result.

  3. The Hexadecimal Color COde is Generated in the Hex tab. Simply Copy the color code and use in your post.
  4. That’s it!

Color Chart Wheel For Finding Matching Colors Palate

This is a very useful and very easy to use for finding color code.

Method Instructions:

  1. Simply paste your color without (#) in form which available above (update button) and then click on update button.
  2. The Four Matching color will appear in four boxes which you can see right side the wheel.
  3. you can copy you choice color code and use in your post or anywhere.

All Credits For these color tools goes to 2createawesite

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