How to retrieve your deleted blog

help Posted Google email To said it has been deleted code DIGG your due complaint copyrighted or spam or violation was repeated several times ? If yes , you are not alone because he is deleted several codes on a regular basis each month , and sometimes be for reasons real may be all by mistake sometimes.
now for those who spend hours of hard work to produce the type of content -rich exclusive , must T. patience because there are several effective ways to get the code DIGG private you again even if it was deleted by working manual of by the same team blogger.

1. Before Doing Any Thing Make a Backup.

before anything make sure to make a backup copy of the comments and posts groups before taking any step . If you are able to access the account DIGG Make backup copies XML file and following the easy steps.
1. Go to your Blogger DashBoard
2. Select the Template
3. Backup / Restore
3. Download the full model. Save the template file format  XML.

2. Steps To Restore Deleted Blogger Blog.

1 . Then immediately contact the Blogger team
Fill in the  notice for the Blogger team and I remember everything clearly , but precise details . You will need to provide your name and phone number  and website address and signature ( your name). sure to fill the notice carefully. Contact Blogger Team
2 . Resume Sending Messages
If you’ve sent notice. I have Google and received no response within 24 hours , you may submit URL titled your blog again using this door secret :   Send an Appeal To DIGG Again

3 . Created Thread in Blogger Help Forum.

writing request at a forum Google Groups you can get a refund if the title Your query attractive subject,
you can do this: Blogger Help Forum
4 . Vsit the customer service center for Google, you can access to the Google offices operating in the country or the city. where Google is working on a general level then you will definitely like to visit the nearest customer care center.

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