Disadvantage of enabling google plus comments system


google plus comments Blogger Team are recently introduced Google plus comments system that is compatible with the default blogger template as well as with custom blogger template either free or paid. lots of people gone ahead and implemented it on blogger blog. This is a biggest improvement in blogger over the last 1 year. Especially for bloggers who can track the conversation more easily. At the same place, readers can contribute right from google plus, without needing to open the blog. But here is a some disadvantage of using google plus comments system. These might manifest themselves later on, if not immediately.


Some disadvantage of enabling google plus comments system

One of the major problem with Google + commenting system is that, people not having a Google Plus profile or account will not be able to post a comment. If they do so, they will be prompted to sign up for a Google Plus account. In a rare case people would sign up, rest would pass by. Finally you lose a comment. Recent Comments widget that basically pumps out feeds from blogger comments won’t be working on Google + commenting system. Custom blogger templates will have to be edited manually for this widget to work. Default blogger templates will get the widget by default after enabling Google + Commenting from the blogger dashboard. Currently this feature has been rolled out for blogger platform only. Rest all the platforms like Word press, Tumbler has keen kept deprived off for the time being. If you change your blog URL to a custom domain, you will lose all your Google + comments.

A slightest change in the url will make you lose all the comments you have received after you integrated this feature with your blog. Another big disadvantage is the increase in Page Load Speed. It takes some time before all the data is fetched from Google. Usually, this isn’t noticeable, but try loading your blog on a slow dial-up connection, and you will see those comments appear much later.


All in all, it’s a pretty good Improvement, but Google really needs to spend some more time with it. If you have problems, or have suggestions, please feel free to comment in the section below. Thanks for reading our posts. Cheers happy blogging.

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