How To Remove Wrench Icons And Pencil Edit Link From Your Blog


Blogger_tipsYou might have seen the Pencil , Screwdriver and Spanner links on blogger. It seems like these icons appear only when you are logged in to your blog. In todays tutorial I am going to share and little blogger hack about how to hide pencil (quick edit), Wrench Spanner (Quick edit Gadget). I am writing this tutorial because I get asked by a lot of my blog readers how they can get rid of those quick edit icons so if you have seen those quick edit icons under your posts and the little wrench icons in the sidebar on your blog you maybe thinking how do I get rid of them. You can also see icons below in screen shoots. Once you have hide the wrench icons and quick edit, you can see the changes while you are refresh the blog page.


Wrench Icons



Quick Edit




If we think about user friendly features they are useful if you need to quickly edit your blog post’s or a widget in the sidebar you can just click them to instantly edit your post or widget they are only shown to the admin of the blog if you log out you shouldn’t see them.

How to Hide Quick Edit Icon

so to hide the quick edit icon below the post footer go to Blogger Dashboard>> layout >>  and click the edit link for the blog posts widget and uncheck the checkbox titled "Show Quick Editing" then click on save button and your doneā€¦!!!!


How to hide wrench icons

each widget you have in the sidebar section will have one of them so to save time having to remove each one of them just paste the following code after the opening <b:skin> tag or before closing </b:skin> tag in your template to hide them.


Save The Template and look at your Page Source Once again. You will find that those links are no longer there.

If the Wrench Link of the Followers Gadget Cannot be removed, and you really want to remove that, then remove the Followers Gadget and Add it as a HTML/ JavaScript Gadget with the Code from Google Friend Connect.

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