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square-google-analytics-logoTracking visitor and activity on your blog is very important. When it comes to Tracking web-user statistics “Google Analytics” is the best tool for in the internet world, That’s why we would recommend every blogger user to start using it.In addition to the usual traffic metrics (page views, visits, unique visitors, bounce rate,  time on site etc.). If you want to use Google analytics features so then first you will need an Analytics account from which to access the stats this can be connected to your Gmail account you use on Blogger. You can track all activity for your blog by adding the Google analytics property id, So if you want to track follow the below steps. Adding Google Analytics to a Blogger blog is easy, and it doesn’t even involve copy-pasting Java Scripts.

Creating an account with Google Analytics

Follow the link below to Google Analytics if you don’t yet have an account

1. Go to Google Analytics, click the create an account link on top right corner of the page and sign in to your Google Account.

2. Once you have your account then you can find your Property ID.

How to find Google Analytics property id

1. Go to setting at the top of page and then go to admin
2. Then choose got property
3. and choose Tracking info
4. For more see the screen shot below

find Analytics Web Property ID

Google Analytics Property ID will be letters and numbers something like this : UA-000000-01. and then Follow the steps below to add the tracking code.

How to add your property ID to blogger

    how to add Analytics Web tracking ID to blogger

Once you add the Property ID click orange save button at the top right corner to finish. Once you complete the steps above, you should see data in your Analytics account within 24 hours. However, you can also check your account within a few hours to see if data has begun to appear. If you don’t see any data after 24 hours, see Troubleshooting Common Mistakes. Enjoy! 🙂

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