Screen Capture Tools

Best Ever Screen Capture Tools For Desktop

There are many of reasons you might want to take a screenshot of your desktop or an scrollable webpage. One of the most common reason is to send the image to tech support company to show a problem you’re experiencing. Here’s how to take a screenshot on application  or scrolling webpage. Last night i am working on a webpage and i need to take a screen shot for whole webpage to showing a offline webpage to my client, after searching i have found to interesting tools for taking a whole web page screen shot. Continue reading

Ways To Hire Talented & Skilled Web Designer

Web Designer Webdesign is a terrific way to spicen up a website and make it look nice. Everybody wants a professional looking website that will help generate more business. But I would like to suggest you that you need to find a professional website design company who can provide you best website designing service and full fill all your requirements. Some web designers company are experts, some are novice, and some are even bad as some can simply copy the content of another website and mark the project as completed. But your definition of “nice” is what’s really the question. This is a question we get all the time. Find a great designer or developer web site is not easy. Continue reading