Has Social Media Became Too Big?


Guest Post – Our host is Eric Santos, (Has explained Social Popularity.)The spawning of internet has led to the explosion of social media because many people are joining it in hordes. With over a billion members, sites such as face book have become overcrowded. Many companies are jostling for marketing space in the online sphere and the techniques of attracting the users are becoming stale...

Target Your Widget or content any where with conditional tags


In this post I going to show you how add widget, buttons or anything else only on home page, post page, static page and only Selected post. you can do that with conditional tags. Conditional tags are Blogger template tags that allow you to specify parts of your template to appear only under certain conditions. The Conditional Tags can be used in your Template files to change what content is...

Google+ comments arrive on Blogger and how to use this feature on blogger


Google announced today that it is making Google+ comments available on its Blogger service. On Thursday, April 18th, 2013 Yonotan Zunger introduced Google+ comments for Blogger. This was a huge step in offer Google+ comments across the web. At the moment this service is only available through Blogger websites but most expect to see plug-in for Word press in the near future. Readers now want more...

4 Amazing New features in blogger Template HTML Editor


Are you using Blogger/Blogspot platform for your Internet World? Are you web developer who builds templates for others, or a internet-savvy blog owner who loves to modify your template using HTML, CSS or JavaScript then here is a good news for all, Recently Blogger Team has just updatedthe blogger Template HTML editor, and added 4 new features to make Template Editing Even Better.   I was...

Add A Full Lenght Gadget Or Adsense Leaderboard Below Your Blog Header


In this post i am gonna to show you how to add 768 x 90 leaderboard between header and post area on the home page or post page of your blog. You may have seen many blogs that have installed Adsense or any other widget/gadget below their blog’s header.Most of them use the 768×90 unit ad banner in their banner and it is a perfect place to place your ads and earn more money from your blog...

How to add adsense ads in your blog description or wraped in text


In this post i am gonna to show you how to place AdSense ads anywhere in the post description and you can also place ads in every post in different areas. Using this trick you can see very positive effect on your AdSense earning. This is a great tutorial which will multiply your current click through rate and add a new boom to your over all AdSense earning. In our previous post i have tips on how...

How to change Selected text background on blogger


If you are a website or blogger user you now about copy and pasting codes for your website or blog. Regular internet users know about, when he select the code or text for copying the default highlighted text color is white and background is blue. Today in this post we going to learn how to change highlighted text background color. You can do it by adding a small snippet of CSS. you can see...

6 Blogging Apps For Offline Blogging


As an offline weblog client, BlogDesk lets you comfortably write and effortlessly publish new entries to your blog. No need to use those annoying HTML Tags in the WYSIWYG editor. Images can be directly inserted and are automatically uploaded. Even publishing simultaneously to multiple blogs is a matter of a click. Blogging from your desktop is significantly easier if you manage multiple blogs...

How to retrieve your deleted blog


Posted Google email To said it has been deleted code DIGG your due complaint copyrighted or spam or violation was repeated several times ? If yes , you are not alone because he is deleted several codes on a regular basis each month , and sometimes be for reasons real may be all by mistake sometimes. now for those who spend hours of hard work to produce the type of content -rich exclusive , must T...

Download Our Free Buttons For Your Website


Hi Every body How are you!? In this post I am going to share with You Beautiful buttons pack. In my previous post I share with you social icons you can also download social icons from download section. and today I am sharing great buttons bundle which have 10 Type Buttons Feedback, Download, Upload, Subscribe, Search, Buy now, Read More, Previous, Next, and Home that took a lot of my time in...

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