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How to Prevent Blogger from Showing Label Massage on Your Blog


Being a blogger and have a blog created on blogger platform, one thing you may noticed that whenever you or someone visits a label link in a blogger blog, there at the top, a message appears i.e let you’ve a label named Free Online Tools then the message appears like “Showing posts with label ‘Free online tools’ show all posts” as in the below picture. Which I don’t like himself so if...

Google Apps Error When Setting up domain for blogger blog


Yesterday When we are setting up domain for our blog. After Completing Registration Process, When I tried to make an admin account from the link that I got from Google apps support email id, I faced a trouble, when I followed Google’s instructions and submitted the request, Google apps Server says” Server Error we are unable to process your request at this time please try later”...

Fix For Blogger Favicon Appearance in Internet Explorer


Favicon (Favorites Icon) is the small picture (usually 16 x 16 px in size) you see beside some site’s name in your browser’s address bar.Having your own favicon with a nice graphical reminder of your site beside is a good way to get visitors attention again. Now Blogger users can add a custom favicon for their blogs from the Design > Page Elements tab, by clicking on the Edit link...

Check Duplicate Content Using Different Methods


As Google, Bing and other search engines become more sophisticated, they are rewarding websites who present only quality, unique content to their search bots for indexation. How To Check Duplicate Content Using Different Methods? Today we will talk about how duplicate content is created, and how can you identify duplicate content on your site? When search engine detect duplicate content, such as...

Fix For Duplicate Meta Description Error In Google Webmaster Tools


Duplicate meta descriptions happens a lot more often than you would think. Best case scenario is that Google just ignores the extra meta data but that is still hurting your rankings? How? Well you have wasted a good amount of time working on something that isn't helping your site rank higher. In extreme cases it can even slow down sites (think multiple big & redundant descriptions on a mobile...

How to Change Default Title Tag on blogger for SEO


Aim for title tags containing fewer than 70 characters. This is the limit Google displays in search results. Title tags longer than 70 characters may be truncated in the results, or search engines may choose to display different text from the document in place of the title tag. Recent experiments have shown that the number of characters displayed in the search results may also vary based on—among...

Add A Meta Description To Your blog home page & Post Page – blogger SEO


Meta descriptions for your web pages can improve the chances of your site being found and clicked on. In Short Meta description tags are very important to optimize your blog in search results. you can finally add meta description to individual posts and pages on Blogger! This new feature is only one of several new features added by Blogger aiming at improving its SEO (Search Engine Optimization)...

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