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How to Put Adsense Ads Middle of the Every Pages and Posts


It is too important to optimize your adsense ads in your site.  In the earlier post, we found how to put adsense ads just below the post title. Now we are going to learn how to put adsense ads in the middle part of the post and any place within the post. Often adsense user think if the ads are displayed in the just below the post title, it is the best position. Moreover that there is also a place...

Auto Resize Images to Fit Blog Post Area


One question I am asked often is from Blogger users wondering how to make their photos fit the width of their post area. If you’ve been using Blogger for a little while, you are no stranger to the image size options once you upload your photos. They currently offer Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Original. Whichever option you choose determines how your photo will be displayed. If you are...

jQuery Custom Image Lightbox


  This time I shared about how to install a custom image in the lightbox blog.Surely at least you already know the workings of  lightbox image.Image lightbox or image viewer is a feature blogger who serves enlarge any image on the blog post when we click on the size / resolution of the actual.  Well here I will try to share the lightbox with a different look than the default lightbox blogger, you...

Hide Affiliate link from the status bar


Do you want more readers to click through your affiliate link?You know,you have to start thinking about increasing your CTR(Click-Through Rate)because the more CTR you have,the more conversion you can possibly get.The more conversion,the more commission.But that not enough.In this article, we will explain how to do that, and how you can hide affiliate links . 

How To Disable Highlight Function


How To Disable Highlight Function To write a very constructive blog content is a very hard work,which some bloggers don’t understand what it takes, all they are looking for is where to copy content for their blog,which is really a very bad act,especially when your copied content is ranking higher than your original content.I can remember when i first started blogging,it took me 10-15 mins...

How to put Social Locker for Blogger Blogspot


This article will be focusing maybe you or other bloggers that really wants / likes Social Marketing. But increasing your Facebook Page likes , Twitter shares, and Google Plus shares. You will need lots of hard work and of course money to advertise. But to make your goal more possible, We have made an Advance Social Locker for Blogger or Blogspot Blogs. Yes this social locker comes from wordpress...

Code 2 ads running along the side for blogspot


Where you place the ad in your site design can increase or decrease how much you charge.How Much Should You Charge For Advertising On Your Blog?The Code 2 ads running along the side for blogspot is help you grow in come. Step by step set up Code 2 ads running along the side for blogspot   1 – Login to Blog   2 – In the layout (Layout)   3 – Select the Add gadgets...

Featured Content Slider for Blogger


To day i have add Featured Content Slider on my blog for content slider on home page.I think bloggers wants to add Featured content Slider for their blog.Featured Content Slider helps you to show automatic sliding of your featured content on your home page. This is the great trick to show your most important content as Featured content on your home page. Featured Content Slider also helps to...

SEO Tips and all things Blogging

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