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Another Stay Connected Widget With All Subscription Option


Social media has changed the world of SEO and online marketing. In last couple of years, many social media marketing companies are coming into the market to create brand awareness via Social media promotion. If you are into Blogging, I’m sure you must be aware of advantage of having a Blog subscription box and some time it’s hard to select from hundred of subscription options available. Last time...

add awesome social sharing widget To Blogger Blog


Now, Bloggers are aware of the role of social media in making their blog popular. Almost all bloggers are using the social sharing widgets and social media following widgets to increase the social media presence of their blog. Social media plays an important role in according to SEO and SERP roles. Adding elegant stylish social media bookmarking widget plays very impressive role to make your blog...

How To Customize Blogger Label With CSS3 Effects


Tag Clouds are used to display all the categories or labels present in a blog. The inherent design of this widget in Blogger is very minimal and has a lot of space for creativity. In this post we will be showing  Label Widget designs which you can easily integrate within your blog. We will design our labels like 3D buttons which will be looking  attractive more than the default style...

Add Awesome Floating Sharing Bar on Blogger And WordPress Blog


Today here’s a tutorial on how to add a floating social media bar to a blogger blog. In this widget we have included  Facebook ,like button, Google Plus, Tweet, likedin and also have a StumbleUpon, buttons in the bar and each of them comes with a counter. I have not using any scripts and this widget works purely on CSS and HTML and is fully compatible with all browsers. You can see this...

Simple And Awesome Vertical Navigation Menu For Blogger


Today i  have designed a Vertical Nav menu using Dream weaver. You can fully customize this menu and can add colors and fonts of your preference too. The new thing about this menu is that it also contains a  animated effect. So now you organize your pages even more beautifully. I have made the installation even more easier. This menu is not only for blogger. You can add this menu on...

Another Stay Connected Metro Style Responsive Social Subscription widget


  After 5 days we back with super cool widget tutorial. There are to many simple ways to display the Subscription options for your blog. But Stay Connected widget also known as social bookmarking buttons are the most used blogger widgets and Subscribing plays very important role in increasing traffic on your blog. Keeping that things in mind I am creating social subscription widgets and...

How To Install Live Fyer Comments System On Blogger Blog


 Livefyre is a real time comment system similar DISQUS i.e. you can see the new comments and replies in real time without refreshing page, it provides a live chat environment. Number of bloggers and brands are showing interest in this and engaging more and more audience through real time comment system. Livefyre is officially available for WordPress, Tumblr, Joomla (beta) and HTML sites. But...

Add Facebook Recommendation bar to blogger blog


The recommendations bar lets people like content, get recommendations and share what they’re reading with their friends. Facebook is probably the largest social networking website in the world. This is the reason why most of the corporate companies utilize Facebook for marketing their material and making it go viral on Social media. Facebook provides various ways of making your content go viral...

add Facebook Popup like box with jquery to your blogger blog


This is my first tutorial on popup widget using Jquery  For The Blog And My Blogging Carrier Too.. First Of All Let Me say Thank to jacklmoore for provding A juqery light box. The popup Like box is not designed for make you blog look like professionals, The widget designed for get more Facebook like. This box has also a close botton at the top right corner. Visitor can close this widget by...

add Awesome navigation or tabs menu in Blogger blog


A navigation or menu bar is a bar made up of tabs. “Behind” each of those tabs is a link -to a post page, a static page, a label page, to another website etc. Making navigation tabs is not that difficult. They are basically links with some styling added for visual appeal. While links are arranged vertically, navigation tabs are usually arranged horizontally. In this tutorial we will install the...

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