How to host your web page content on google drive


Google has added a new feature to Drive: You can now serve up web content from within your Google Drive folder, even ones that run JavaScript. All you need to do is upload your HTML files and assets (e.g., images) and make them public. The Google Developers site has more details on publishing a folder as a website, but essentially, besides having the folder and site assets public, you also need...

Add Awesome Google style search to blogger blog


Google is the best search Engine in the world. Google update there home page in June 2011, New Google homepage with smaller logo and links moved to the top and bottom edges of the browser for a cleaner look, I think this look much better than older look. I’m sure you will have noticed the new Google design as covered in the post Evolving the Google design and experience on the official...

How To Add Custom Fonts In Blogger


In this post I am going to explain you how to add custom font style to blogger blog. Adding Custom Fonts to Blogger can improve the look and feel of your blog. In your templates you can use any font you want, but these would be properly displayed only if the viewer has those fonts installed on his/her System. Font embedding Techniques allows you to use any font on your Blog and these fonts will...

Using Google Drive in the Workplace – is it all it’s Cracked up to be?


Many businesses are using Google Drive as a collaboration program, allowing them to manage files and share them with colleagues. Some companies only use Google Drive every now and again, working on larger projects or managing documents. Other SMEs will use Google Drive on a day to day basis in the place of Microsoft Word or Excel documents. But could it really help your business? Of course, for...

Google Webmaster Tools adds New Feature Block Resources Debug Fetch & Render


A free tool is better than no tool. Google announced (27 May) on the webmaster central blog that the Fetch as Google feature of Webmaster Tools will now show how GoogleBot would render the page. As expected, Google going to help webmaster determine what JavaScript, CSS, and other resources they are blocking from GoogleBot’s crawl. As a new feature in the Fetch as Google tool in Webmaster...

The reason My Blog Is Never Penalized By Google


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most effective technique for attracting relevant and high volume traffic from search engines. Ranking on the first page of Google for competitive keywords in your niche, can open floodgates of traffic to your website. However, while optimizing your website, you need to make sure that all your SEO activities are in line with Google’s guidelines and...

Use Of Google Webmaster Sitelink Demotion Tool


In previous tutorial, we’ve talked about what is Google Organic Sitelinks and when your website is eligible to get it.  In this tutorial, we will take a look at how to demote links if Google Algorithm choose wrong sitelinks for your website. This tutorial will just cover the basics, but in future tutorials we will look at a few more advanced discussion why Google Choose Wrong Sitelinks...

What Is Google Organic Sitelinks & Hows Your Website Is Eligible For Sitelinks


Today in this post we’ll talk about Google Organic Sitelinks, What is Google sitelinks, why these links are important and  how you can get Google Organic sitelinks. So firstly we are going to talk about what is sitelinks and how’s that work. Sitelinks are additional links that are shown below a website’s main URL in Google’s organic search results they are called Sitelinks...

Recover From Google Penguin Via Content Marketing


Content marketing is one of the essential techniques that help to get more number of visitors to your web sites. When your website was injured by Google penguin update means you have to some important steps to recover your previous position in the search engines. Here’s the simple content marketing technique that will help you to get more traffic to your website after the penguin update. Create...

Negative Impact Of Excessive Guest Blogging After Penguin


What’s the negative impact of excessive guest blogging after Penguin 2.1? Guest blogging is a vital marketing means in itself if you’re looking into concrete ways of increasing your readership, building your website’s revenues and keeping a good standing at the search engines. A lot of webmasters use this. This is why many web owners are enticed to follow in their lead. But for all the wonderful...

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