CSS3 Navigation Menu For Blogger Blog With Color Variation


Nowadays you can see plenty of different types of navigation menus with attractive, creative and elegant designs. The navigation menu on a website/blog is like a stars on the sky and improve impressions of your webpage. The navigation in website design is very important and plays a major role in a website’s usability as well as in user experience. It is better to use simple, obvious and...

Email Popup Subscription Box For Blogger Blog


Everybody knows the importance of RSS feeds. So its better to give the readers an option to subscribe to your blog feed by email. Another JQuery Widget with beautiful look, as before I have also share Facebook Popup and Twitter Follower Popup Widget for blogger user. But today I bring in this post another beautiful widget with JQuery light box. In this widget visitors can subscribe you blog’s...

Add Simple And Awesome Subscription Box below your post


Today we are going to make a high quality RSS subscription box with no images. Alerting your visitors to subscribe at the bottom of your posts often help in increasing the number of your blog subscribers. The more readers you get the faster your blog grow. Providing visitors with easy and clean options to subscribe and bookmark should always be your first priority. I managed to design a simple...

Another Animated Css3 Multi Level Drop Down Menu


HTML5 and CSS3 have totally revolutionized the designing and development. Now designers and web developers are capable of creating more functional and visually appealing websites because HTML5 and CSS3 offer many features and several techniques with which you can create interesting and creative websites. Both of these languages are easy to use and manage and allow users to create loads of amazing...

add awesome social sharing widget To Blogger Blog


Now, Bloggers are aware of the role of social media in making their blog popular. Almost all bloggers are using the social sharing widgets and social media following widgets to increase the social media presence of their blog. Social media plays an important role in according to SEO and SERP roles. Adding elegant stylish social media bookmarking widget plays very impressive role to make your blog...

Add Simple Social Sharing Below Your Blogger Posts


Social media buttons is a great way to boosting your blog traffic. The shares of your blog content made through these social buttons circulate over different social networks will help your blog engaged with long term traffic. Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest all offer JavaScript that they’d LOVE for you to add to your site. Tracking is one of the reasons that they’d love you to add...

Simple And Awesome Vertical Navigation Menu For Blogger


Today i  have designed a Vertical Nav menu using Dream weaver. You can fully customize this menu and can add colors and fonts of your preference too. The new thing about this menu is that it also contains a  animated effect. So now you organize your pages even more beautifully. I have made the installation even more easier. This menu is not only for blogger. You can add this menu on...

Add Simple Gorgeous CSS3 Drop Down Menu To Blogger Blog


CSS is a colorful fancy environment for web designers since its releasing day. However, the latest changes in CSS are so awesome and powerful. Some years back, creating A drop down menu was not possible without jQuery and CSS. CSS used to design the Menu and jQuery used to functioning the menu. Now it is alone possible with CSS3. So today I will give you a complete solution for CSS Drop Down Menu...

add Awesome navigation or tabs menu in Blogger blog


A navigation or menu bar is a bar made up of tabs. “Behind” each of those tabs is a link -to a post page, a static page, a label page, to another website etc. Making navigation tabs is not that difficult. They are basically links with some styling added for visual appeal. While links are arranged vertically, navigation tabs are usually arranged horizontally. In this tutorial we will install the...

Add Splendid Animated Drop Down Menu to your blogger blog


This is one of the few Drop Down Menu Widget that took a lot of my time in designing it. You have seen the trend of Animated Drop Down Menu on popular blogs. You can find a lot of different menu styles on the web. similarly designers and developers are often more then happy to share their techniques with the world and through these tutorials new blogger users can learn about trends and how to...

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