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Add Auto Read More With Thumbnail, cSS3 Button to Blogger blog


This nice trick will automatically create post summaries with thumbnails.You don’t need to add any extra code in every blogger post that you make. if you display full posts on your home page it will severely slow down the load time, Also With the jump break in place visitors that land on your home page will see a selection of your posts without the need to scroll. Using automatic read more...

Add Awesome Floating Sharing Bar toBlogger Blog


Share your blog in popular social networking/bookmarking sites is very important to get good traffic and I think this is the easiest way for increase our blog/website traffic. This is indeed the most beautiful Social Network floating share widget featuring the top Social Network sites (Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook ). In this tutorial we’ll create Floating Sharing button for your blog...

Add Awesome Share this tool to your blogger blog


  In this Series I am gonna show you how to add Share This floating sharing, sharethis buttons with counter, Share This Ornaments style sharing and Share This Navbar with Sharing Buttons. read full series and make your blog like Professionals. You might have noticed the ‘Share This’ button that appears below each of my posts. In today’s tutorial we’ll create this...

Add a Beautiful Add this widget below post title


in this post I am going to show you how you add Simple Stay Connected Icons below post title. you can align this widget vertically and horizontally below your post title like our blog and I will try to help you customize the icons in this tutorial. With this widget you can increase the traffic of your blog.and I am also using this widget  on my blog. if you have any trouble with this...

Blog Design: How To Grab Attention?


What is the easiest way to persuade another person? Yes, you are absolutely right:  you should have a convincing and persistent tongue, use numbers, promises and guarantees. But is it possible to achieve the same result without words? It seems incredible, but successful web design can actually convince even better than the flow of text. Make it clear! When a visitor comes to your landing...

How To Build Your Target AUDience From Google Image Search


Part 1: The ImageFirstly, let’s discuss the quality of the image before we get to the optimization of images. An image must comprise of the following features: Professional quality: The images that you click and take with your own digital camera are reasonably good but you should try to learn an image editing tool as this will help you to make those images more professional. Besides this you can...

Top 10 SEO Tips To Increase Blog Traffic


Bloggers use different type of ways for generating traffic for their blogs sometime we need to pay and sometime we got free traffic from search engines by optimize our site. Since 2014 came its make different type of changes in blogging and SEO world and we need to optimize our site according to search engines algorithm. Today I am going to share with you some spicy tips and if you follow these...

One Business Online Helps Others Do Business In Store


This is true as many people will not be able to make business or start any things from which they can make money at home. When you decided to become an entrepreneur, what reasons motivated that decision? For some people it is the opportunity to make a lot of money, the freedom to live by their own convictions, or to live a certain lifestyle. While these are great personal goals, too much focus on...

How To Make Keywords Work


Guest Post – Our host is Maria Smith (Marketing Director) who takes a look at how to make keywords work. See How To Become a guest author. Needless to say that keywords is significant aspect of website optimization. Keywords perform navigation function for search engines as well as for users. Thanks to keywords search engines match up sites content with search query and show the website in...

how to track your backlinks by Using Google Analytics


Few days ago Google Analytics team announced the new feature to track backlinks to your contents pages using its “Social Reports” feature. Knowing what your backlinks are, and where they’re coming from can provide you with useful insights, and can help you filter out the cheap links in favor of quality ones. Yeah, no more automated tools or manual quarries needed to keep track of your...

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