How To SEO Optimize Your Blogger Blog Titles For Higher Search Results


] This is called “Blogger/blogspot Title Swapping”. Swapping blogs title can help boost your position in search engine results page listing and also increase clickthroughs. From an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective, page title is the most important element in your blog in terms of ranking well in search engines. If you look at your browser’s title bar you will notice...

Download Google New Cheat Sheet ebook to optimize your site


Today in this post i am  going to show you  a great Google Cheat Sheet Ebook to optimize your site. As your Internet use has evolved, Google has evolved with you. And for you. Its ability to make the right decisions about your online business online. Google is always there to help you. whether you are beginner looking to make a mark on the internet or just wanting to learn some stuff...

Pinterest introduces web analytics for helping webmasters


Pinterest is a social media site that allows users to “pin” images and videos they find online to a virtual pinboard and share them with others. It’s similar to other social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, but users can only pin videos and images. There is also a Pinterest app for Android smartphones and for iPhones. Pinterest offers a bookmarking tool called “Bookmarklet” that installs to...

Google Released Must see SEO Videos to help your blog on Google Search


You know when every one start blogging like all new bloggers. He/she want immediately wondered how will he get their blog on Google Search. How you do that?? How can you get your blog and post to displayed in search result  at front page. For doing this! you need to read Hows Google Search engine will work and what steps you need to taken for helps your blog page rank on Google. A decent...

add no follow tag to all your download, Demo Preview and iframed link pages


In our Previous post i will tell you how to submit your sitemap to google and submit your content to google. Today we going to share with you a great information about increasing your page rank by adding nofollowing tag. The noFollow tag was created as a way to disclose to search engines that although your mom blogging site is adding a link to a certain destination, it is not endorsing the...

Submit Your Content To Google


Increase your visibility by submitting and optimizing your website for Google search, and distributing your content across the web. The Submit Your Content page started as a bit of a twist on Google mission. The Goal of Google for “To submit your content” is to organize their own information so that Google can be more accessible and useful for you, whether you are a current or prospective Google...

Submit your blogger sitemap to google for increasing traffic


In earlier posts i posted tips on How to Submit Your Website Sitemap To Google Webmaster tools. Today in this post i am going to show you how submit blogger sitemap to Webmaster tools. Sitemaps basically show Google search bots you recent activity quicker and without the bells and whistles than can cause crawl errors. Submitting sitemap to Google is the best way to increase your traffic...

How to Verify your website and add a sitemap to google webmaster tools


Creating a sitemap helps search engines better crawl and categorize your site. You can easily create and verify a sitemap for any of your publicly viewable Google Sites through Google Webmaster Tools. A Sitemap is a listing of your site’s pages that you can submit to Google and other search engines. This list can help search bots understand your site structure and may make crawls of your...

How To Add Custom Permalinks To Blogger Posts


Blogger add permalink link (or Permanent Link) Feature in all blogs. Blogger introduce this in June 2012 I started this blog after June so I share this tip in December. Its indeed one of the most awaited SEO development for all blogger users. Blogger users can now write custom URLs for their posts using Blogger in draft. You will now find a permalink option in post editor if you log into Blogger...

Add SEO Meta Tags And Description To Blogger


In this post I going to show how to add meta description and keywords to your blog. Meta tags is a important things for  Search Engine Optimization. improving your search engine rank is key to success your blog. The <meta> tag provides metadata about the HTML document. Metadata will not be displayed on the page, but will be machine parsable. Meta elements are typically used to specify...

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