SDI: For All Your IPhone App Needs


With app development fascination on the rise, Software Developers India (SDI) has been climbing to the top to deliver the best app solutions for your every need. Once you have finalized upon what kind of an application you want to develop and the level of complexity you can manage (remember that the cost of it increases with the level of complexity) you can choose your developer according to the...

How To Make Fast Loading Smartphones Website ?


This is a Guest Post By Adeel Zia. Smartphones have brought great change in all fields of life especially the way we use internet. Their excellent features made them the best options to access internet for different purposes. However, the issue is that web pages take more time to get loaded when accessed via smartphones. This delay reduces the users’ interest and affects the traffic on web pages...

viewport MetaTag & Enable Pinch To Zoom For Mobile Devices In Blogger


A few days ago I was just searching for some new things on web and I just came across a webpage that was providing an article on pinch to zoom bug in the blogger template. When I checked this bug in our template unfortunately I found it there. The bug is simply that the viewport meta tag in the template is set to not allow user Scalling. The mistake is in viewport meta tag is set to “user...

Best Protective Cases For IPad Mini


iPad mini can be considered as the best kind of tablet that is available in the market and anybody can feel like adoring such an incredible stuff. The first thing that you need to do when you are having iPad Mini is to get a proper case for it so that it can be protected. Make sure that the case that you are getting for the tablet is really amazing so that you can look really incredible in it...

Creating Responsive Style Sheet With Media Queries


In the last article we’ve seen the basic rules to create a simple layout for a website. After concentrating on the pc-desktop version, in this fourth part of the series, we’ll see which are the rules to apply to make the layout responsive. So, the final result will become pleasant for both tablets and smartphones, as we’ll see in the final part. Screen resolution nowadays ranges from 320px...

Creating Basic Style Sheet For Responsive Template


In the Previous tutorial of this series, I’ve shown how to start building a website with the HTML code and its main elements. Now it’s time to introduce the first CSS rules in order to have a general idea of the graphic style that the homepage of our website will display, especially for the pc-desktop version. First of all, before having a look on the rules we have to apply in order to create a...

Creating HTML In the Responsive Template


In the first article of this brand new series, I have introduced the main objectives of the series and given a short but complete introduction on the critical components of media queries and responsive breakpoints. Now, it’s time to begin doing some practical work. As I have mentioned before, I’ll start with the planning and creation of a mockup for each of the three main device types on which...

How To Create Multi Level Responsive Dropdown Navigation Menu


We also discuss about the Creating A Responsive Web Design And Template. Do you want to create your own responsive menu for your website but don’t know how ? In this post we will show 4 awesome responsive menus that you can use to build your own website.  For simple navigation, the solutions can be straight-forward. However, if you’re working on something a bit more complex, maybe with...

Introduction: Creating a Responsive Web Design and Template


Responsive templates are necessary to have a website display correctly on every device. To begin creating your own Responsive Template, you will need to understand the CSS media property and what type of screens mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers are. Designing Mobile Responsive Templates has become a trending topic in web today. Mobile Technology and Mobile Traffic has evolved...

Publish Your Article Via Symbian SmartPhone (For WordPress & Blogger)


Now publish your blogger posts by using a Smartphone (like symbian), you can publish content while you’re so far from you pc – as possible as you have a strong signal. Whether you want to produce visual or written content, a Smartphone (Nokia Symbian) can do it, provided that you have the right software. The majority of blogs which are self-hosted will be ever so slightly different...

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