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How To Embed Google Map In Your Article Or Tutorial


About a year ago, Google introduced a feature in the new Google Maps that enables you to embed a Google Map by copying and pasting an HTML Code Snipt. Google map is very common requirement in every web project now. Now every website and blog need to google map integration, Here In this article I will show how to add the google map in Blogger blog. Go to Google Maps, and simply type in the address...

How to Show A Webpage In Iframe On Your Website Or Blog


Iframes are useful for a wide variety of content and especially for in-site navigation where you can use on to load pages or code snippets dynamically on a page without being an AJAX programmer and without using any javascript. There are many ways this can by helpful when building a website. Iframes are particularly helpful when are using a third party website and you want your website visitors...

Blogging Tips When Writing Content For Your Blog Readers


Introduction: There is indeed heaven and earth difference between an excellent blog which attracts and enthralls blog readers as compared to a mediocre one which most readers try to avoid. The differences are style, presentation, content, retaining capacity and of course readability. Another important aspect about blogging is that contents need to serve some utility value and usefulness to...

Best Protective Cases For IPad Mini


iPad mini can be considered as the best kind of tablet that is available in the market and anybody can feel like adoring such an incredible stuff. The first thing that you need to do when you are having iPad Mini is to get a proper case for it so that it can be protected. Make sure that the case that you are getting for the tablet is really amazing so that you can look really incredible in it...

Why Small Businesses Must have a Website?


Having a website in today’s digital age has emerged as an essential need for businesses of all kind. Be it a start-up, small enterprise, or a large enterprise, you can hardly say ‘no’ to the aspect of creating a strengthened online presence in the market. Coming to small businesses, they should ideally favor the idea of developing a site as it provides a wonderful way of...

5 Tools To Help you Monetize Your Blog


Many bloggers focus a great deal on getting traffic, which is obviously very important if you want to have a successful blog. Yet there is another issue that is equally important –monetizing the traffic that you do get. This is not as simple as randomly putting up ads, as you may have discovered already. There are quite a few factors, which determine the profitability of a blog. First and...

How To Remove Wrench Icons And Pencil Edit Link From Your Blog


You might have seen the Pencil , Screwdriver and Spanner links on blogger. It seems like these icons appear only when you are logged in to your blog. In todays tutorial I am going to share and little blogger hack about how to hide pencil (quick edit), Wrench Spanner (Quick edit Gadget). I am writing this tutorial because I get asked by a lot of my blog readers how they can get rid of those quick...

Pinterest Pin It Official Button on Image Hover (Good News)


Pinning an image just got easier and more intuitive with this hover button. You may have noticed that some professional photographer website have custom pinterest hover button for their website’s professional images, with Word Press it’s quite straightforward, whereas with Blogger it can be much more complicated, mostly for those who are hate modifying the code for their blog template.Now...

Check Your Internet Speed And Why Your Wifi Speed Is Less Then Computer


Checking your internet speed is helpful and a good idea to do periodically. If you are having a problem downloading or opening web pages, knowing how to check internet speed is handy for troubleshooting. There many factors that affect your speed of the internet such as DNS server request and response, crowded network etc. There are many third party software’s available to test your internet...

From No Traffic To Daily Blog Traffic In 7 Simple Steps


Generating heavy blog traffic is one of the most common marketing woes experienced in the industry. A blog is an exceptionally powerful tool for promoting a brand, selling products and services, and leading consumers to a website where they can be guided through a conversion funnel. If your blog is simply not seeing a great deal of traffic, though, there is no point in continually creating...

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