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How To Make Fast Loading Smartphones Website ?


This is a Guest Post By Adeel Zia. Smartphones have brought great change in all fields of life especially the way we use internet. Their excellent features made them the best options to access internet for different purposes. However, the issue is that web pages take more time to get loaded when accessed via smartphones. This delay reduces the users’ interest and affects the traffic on web pages...

Another Animated Css3 Multi Level Drop Down Menu


HTML5 and CSS3 have totally revolutionized the designing and development. Now designers and web developers are capable of creating more functional and visually appealing websites because HTML5 and CSS3 offer many features and several techniques with which you can create interesting and creative websites. Both of these languages are easy to use and manage and allow users to create loads of amazing...

From No Traffic To Daily Blog Traffic In 7 Simple Steps


Generating heavy blog traffic is one of the most common marketing woes experienced in the industry. A blog is an exceptionally powerful tool for promoting a brand, selling products and services, and leading consumers to a website where they can be guided through a conversion funnel. If your blog is simply not seeing a great deal of traffic, though, there is no point in continually creating...

Awesome Fancy Social Media Icons Set Free Download


I often spend hours in the day for Designing website Social icons for our honorable Readers.  Today We’ve created a list of  22 Awesome Social Bookmark Icons Sets that you can use for your blog. Social networking sites and services and each of which has their own logo or icon to identify or promote themselves. Mean while, a lot of designers have also redesigned such social media icons...

Another Simple and Cool Icons Set Free Download


Social networking icons play an important role on your website. They have to be visible, accessible, and fit seamlessly with your design and be inviting for your visitors. Outdated and mismatched icons can send the wrong message about you. Below you’ll find a few icons to get you started. Click to download them, or use them for inspiration to make your own custom icons. Included are icons for Rss...

Metro Style Follower Website Icon Set


We have designed a fantastic Metro Style set of social media icons you can use on your website or blog to display your Social Profiles and Feeds.The icons have a 3D high quality design using the logo for the social sites and feeds along with the names across the icons. One of the things I wanted to do with these icons was have the name of the service on each. While everyone is familiar with the...

Add Simple Gorgeous CSS3 Drop Down Menu To Blogger Blog


CSS is a colorful fancy environment for web designers since its releasing day. However, the latest changes in CSS are so awesome and powerful. Some years back, creating A drop down menu was not possible without jQuery and CSS. CSS used to design the Menu and jQuery used to functioning the menu. Now it is alone possible with CSS3. So today I will give you a complete solution for CSS Drop Down Menu...

20 Awesome 3D Social Icons Set By MBT


With innovations of web-based technologies, social media is now everywhere, changing the way human interacts. Thus, demands for social media icons are raised within web community especially web designer who creates commercial site or theme. Fear not, for there are still many free high quality social media icon sets available for your projects with no attribution required (but highly appreciated...

15 High Quality Free Fonts For Modern And super Cool Design


I am big fan of typography myself and was surprised I haven’t done any good font collection yet! While doing research I was shocked how many high quality fonts are available for free & now with Sifr and similar tools you can use any font in your web-design, but if you are graphic designer you get even bigger enjoyment through such detailed and beautiful fonts. Balance between readability...

Premium Blogger Template Free Download 2


  Blogger templates design and development of 2013! With the powerful of amazing templates, you can make your blog look exactly what you like. The design of any blog is one of the key factors to its success. For your browsing and inspirational delight, here is our awesome Blogger, Blog spot template for 2013. The have been selected because of their outstanding quality, attention to detail...

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