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How to host your web page content on google drive


Google has added a new feature to Drive: You can now serve up web content from within your Google Drive folder, even ones that run JavaScript. All you need to do is upload your HTML files and assets (e.g., images) and make them public. The Google Developers site has more details on publishing a folder as a website, but essentially, besides having the folder and site assets public, you also need...

How to track your downloads in blogger blog


Tracking downloads on your website is a fairly easy task, in this post I am going to show how to track every single downloads  you would like to know how many times each file has been downloaded. If you have download links on your site (or even links to other websites), you can track them in a similar fashion – all you need to do is make a change to the HTML of the link that you have...

Google Webmaster Tools adds New Feature Block Resources Debug Fetch & Render


A free tool is better than no tool. Google announced (27 May) on the webmaster central blog that the Fetch as Google feature of Webmaster Tools will now show how GoogleBot would render the page. As expected, Google going to help webmaster determine what JavaScript, CSS, and other resources they are blocking from GoogleBot’s crawl. As a new feature in the Fetch as Google tool in Webmaster...

How To Build Your Target AUDience From Google Image Search


Part 1: The ImageFirstly, let’s discuss the quality of the image before we get to the optimization of images. An image must comprise of the following features: Professional quality: The images that you click and take with your own digital camera are reasonably good but you should try to learn an image editing tool as this will help you to make those images more professional. Besides this you can...

Why And How To Make Your Blog/Website Load Faster


Now this is one big concern for every Website Owner, We all obviously want our websites to load quickly because we know that makes them look better to the Users and Visitors. But in reality a quick loading website has tons of other big time benefits and a Webmaster should definitely work upon optimizing his her website in a way that it loads quickly. In this post, you will learn how to make your...

10 Tips to design impressive and professional blog


 Blogger it’s a very powerful platform to publish your blog. It’s free and with some features which you can customize how you prefer, without limits. In this post I want to illustrate some tips which can help you to improve your Blogger template to design a professional layout for your blog. Most popular blogs have a number of blog design elements in common. Learn about ten of...

Add blogger Official Contact Form to your blogger blog


Blogger Team lunched Official Contact form for blogger users. Contact Form Is Indeed Necessity For a Blog. It Helps Your Reader To Contact You Easily Without Any Problem. Readers Can Ask Question Or Suggest You Something Through Using Contact Form.  We Have Shared An Contact Form Already With You. Which You Can Place On Any Page Of Your Blog By Putting Code. The wait is finally over , yeah...

Send Report To Google About Scrapped Content


Bloggers probably know more about scrapped content than anyone else, It is really annoying to write an article about one unique topic, and after few dsys see many people copy your article without your permission and paste them on their own website or blogs. In our case people usually do it in order to increase traffic to their own websites. But does that work?  In this post, we will took a look...

Check Duplicate Content Using Different Methods


As Google, Bing and other search engines become more sophisticated, they are rewarding websites who present only quality, unique content to their search bots for indexation. How To Check Duplicate Content Using Different Methods? Today we will talk about how duplicate content is created, and how can you identify duplicate content on your site? When search engine detect duplicate content, such as...

Use Of Google Webmaster Sitelink Demotion Tool


In previous tutorial, we’ve talked about what is Google Organic Sitelinks and when your website is eligible to get it.  In this tutorial, we will take a look at how to demote links if Google Algorithm choose wrong sitelinks for your website. This tutorial will just cover the basics, but in future tutorials we will look at a few more advanced discussion why Google Choose Wrong Sitelinks...

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