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What Is DNS Server And How it’s Work Better Safety And Performance


If you’ve ever used the Internet, it’s a good bet that you’ve used the Domain Name System, or DNS, even without realizing it. DNS is a protocol within the set of standards for how computers exchange data on the Internet and on many private networks, known as the TCP/IP protocol suite. Computers and other network devices on the Internet use an IP address to route your request to...

How to Implement the Rel=”Author” Tag on wordpress blog


Guest Post – Our host is Maria Smith (Marketing Director) who takes a look at Rel=”author” tag. See How To Become a guest author. If your focus is to insure that your posts are being found online, then I’m sure you’re familiar with rel=author? Well if your answer is no,  it’s OK. I’m here to explain and show you how you can quickly and easily implement the rel=author tag...

How To Make Keywords Work


Guest Post – Our host is Maria Smith (Marketing Director) who takes a look at how to make keywords work. See How To Become a guest author. Needless to say that keywords is significant aspect of website optimization. Keywords perform navigation function for search engines as well as for users. Thanks to keywords search engines match up sites content with search query and show the website in...

The Magical Observation Of Website Performance With SEO


Guest Post – Our host is Varun Bhatia ( Content Writer ) who takes a look at observation of website performance with SEO. See How To Become a guest author. The scope of developing popularity for your business can be created in several ways. But out of the many conventional methods available internet marketing has been claimed to be the most powerful and effective means of marketing. Apart...

Blogger Navigation (Pagination) Buttons Free Download


The role and purpose of icons is user interaction is very important these days.  Icons can enhance the user experience and user friendly icons are really appreciative but they should be unique and easy to understand. There are so many icon websites available on the web but what we are presenting here is only high quality blogger pagination buttons pack. Since most of appreciated the Read...

What does Google think about paid links?


Guest Post – Our host is Maria Smith (Marketing Director) who takes a look at What Does Google Think About Paid Links. See How To Become a guest author. Debating about whether purchasing links, reviews, considerations, etc. is ethical or not is something we’ll leave up the individual. Search engines would prefer that all links are natural, but the fact of the matter is that a...

Google Adsense Released Score card for Their publisher best practice


Google has introduced new awesome feature into adsense to help out publishers.I recently observed the new change in my home page of Google AdSense. It shows score card of particulars related to site and ads performance relative to each other. It gives performance in stars. Higher stars means particular area of site is doing well. The details includes Revenue optimization, Site health and Google+...

The Easiest Ways Of Earning Money From Website


Guest Post – Our host is Maria Smith (Marketing Director) who takes a look at Easiest Ways Of Earning Money. See How To Become a guest author. There are various cool ways through which you can make money through your website. Most of the people may be already aware of these things but this post will be of great help to those who are new to this field. It’s not a secret that most of...

what is External Links and how are they effect on pagerank


An external link is a hyperlink that points to another website on the internet, normally on another domain from the current website. Your linking tactic should include what types of sites you will and will not link to as well as how many external links there should be on any given page. External links are important to web pages because they provide additional information and give your audience a...

protect your blog from panda effect by adding nofollow tag to comment links


Google Panda effect is the name most of you might heard. It is a strict Google new algorithm that looks for content farms and link farms and completely stops indexing the publisher. Have you ever wondered how you can automatically add the rel="nofollow" attribute to all the links embedded in the comments users post on your blogger Blog? It is quite simple really, but unintuitive to find...

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