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How to get data from other blogspot


Today i will show you “How to get data from other blogspot”,That mean you can download all data XML from other blogspot and Import to your blogger. Step 1:Check RSS is full or not: Step 2:Creat a new post and paste this code to see total post on victim blog. <script style=”text/javascript”>function showpostcount(json) {document.write(‘<center>Total Post:...

Grid View for Blogger Posts


Last times i show you How to i add Pinterest Button on Image Hover.If your blog niche is images(travel images,products,family images…)better use Grid View. This simple step by step customize Grid View for Blogger Posts. Step 1 : Go to Template and click edit html. Find </head> and post code below </head> <b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType ==...

Grow Your Adsense Income


Maybe you’ve had your own “Aha” moment with Google Adsense.I had mine earlier this year when I realized I could make more than just pocket change by featuring those now familiar ad blocks on my websites. I had worked hard building my content oriented niche sites and had expected to make decent affiliate income—which never materialized. You see, most people online (including you and me), are...

Start Your Blogging Career – Guide


We also know it, starting a blogging career can be bit difficult  for newbie. When I started My  Blogger Tricks  about one and half year ago, we had no idea where can start a blog. I kept searching for “making blog tutorials” and “how-to” guides on Google, but they all required technical skills and I found them extremely difficult to follow. But after spending to much time to...

8 Reasons Why You Should Start Writing On Your Own Blog


A blog is an opportunity for you to establish your expertise in your field and updating it regularly with relevant content in order to passionate that idea. It also helped you to gaining people’s trust on the internet world. Today in this article we will tell you some of the reasons that you should need to start your blog. I really hope that the information below will encourage you enough to make...

Social Sharing Floating Bar With Multiple Background & 3D Border (V2)


Recently a lot of my readers have been saying me please sharing that floating bar which is you are using on your blog. So today we are going to bring it here for our valuable readers. To add as much value as possible i’ve included some other social sharing buttons plugins in the bar so your website or blog readers have more choice when he/she decide to share your articles. Social Share Buttons...

Attractive Latest Post Widget For Entertainment Blogger Blog


Recent post widgets is can go a long way to enhance the usability and user friendliness of a website and blog theme. The attractive widget can help to driving more traffic to your blog and website. If you are using our older version of recent post widget then you must familiar with this widget. So today in this tutorial we are going to make a new recent post widget for videos blog and website...

Pinterest Button on Image Hover


How to i add Pinterest Button on Image Hover No HTML is required for hoverbuttons; all you have to do is load the JavaScript listed below. Once you have this installed, images should show a Pin It button when hovered over. (If you’re already running pinit.js, just add the data-pin-hover=”true” attribute to the existing SCRIPT tag.) 1. Go to your blogger...

How To Create Stylish Marquee Text Using CSS3


The marquee <marquee> has a lond and rather dismal history, going all the way back early of the internet explorer. Never standardized element nor a part of any HTML Spec, <marquee> was commonly used to create a scrolling “Ticker Tape” effect for text on the webpages during the late 90s. In this tutorial we’ll learn to create basic animated marquee text using CSS3 technique. The...

How to Find Your Google Analytics ID New Dashboard & Add It Into Blogger Blog


Tracking visitor and activity on your blog is very important. When it comes to Tracking web-user statistics “Google Analytics” is the best tool for in the internet world, That’s why we would recommend every blogger user to start using it.In addition to the usual traffic metrics (page views, visits, unique visitors, bounce rate,  time on site etc.). If you want to use Google...

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